Crop Top and Petticoat


This week is probably my least wearable Outfit of the Week I have ever posted and I love it. What could be more festive for October than blood and skulls?

A few weeks ago I went to one of my favorite antique and collectables shop. I picked up this old petticoat (along with a few other things) and was happily surprised to not have to repair it. I may have to replace the elastic around the waist soon, which is simple enough, so I’m not mad since I only spent $9 on it. Also, If you are buying vintage clothing or accessories remember that the average woman was much smaller 70 to 100 years ago, so, if you are tall, have big feet or are plus size, it will be a lot harder to find pieces that fit.


I never wear crop tops, not because I’m scared to show skin but because I am so pale that I don’t want to risk sunburn on my stomach. Despite that, I had to have this one. I fell in love with this top from Jawbreaker and didn’t care how cropped it is. It is a bit small on me and I wore a corset for these photos so that I could wear it but Jawbreaker is out of the UK and that happens to me every time I order clothes from pretty much anywhere that is not the US.

I am so obsessed with all of my accessories. My shoes are from Sinister Soles by the brand Funtasma by Pleaser Shoes. I love anything that is blood splattered so naturally I had to get them. All of my jewelry is from the amazing The Rogue & The Wolf. I talked about them in my Top 5 Alternative Online Shops post and I want to own everything on their site.


Crop Top: Jawbreaker

Shoes: Sinister Soles

Jewelry: The Rogue & The Wolf   Choker     Ring


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Hannibal Lecter Wentz: Hedgehog Advice


I have been wanting to introduce you to my spike baby for a while. Hannibal is an African Pygmy Hedgehog that my husband brought home for my birthday. After doing research online about how to take care of hedgehogs when we first got him and comparing it to my experience with Hannibal I realized that most people that write articles about them leave out a lot, and that is the stuff I will share today.


First, Hedgehogs are nocturnal. It is pretty well known but in case you did not know they sleep all day. From my experience with Hannie, he sleeps from about 7:00am until 8:00pm and does wake up to eat for a few minutes around noon.

Second, they love to run. Sonic is a pretty accurate representation because all night  is just constant running on the wheel. If you are a light sleeper I recommend putting their cage in the living room or a room far from your bedroom because the wheel can get pretty noisy. Also, Do not get a cheap wheel. We got a cute wheel from a pet store and he constantly ran the wheel off of its stand. The one we have now is specifically made for hedgehogs and is working so much better.


Third, hedgehogs poop so much. This sounds like a weird thing to mention but, they only eat about a tablespoon of food per day but they constantly poop and it is huge. Some of it looks like there is no way it came out of his tiny cute body. They also do not stop running to go and make a huge mess of the wheel. My tip for that is to clean out their cage once or twice a week and to let them run around in water to get it off of their feet because it cakes on them.


Those are the main weird things that I have noticed but here are some little tips.

  1. They need to be warm so get a heating pad and keep the room they are in around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Use an aquarium. It is easier to clean and they won’t be able to escape (tiny Houdinis).
  3. Use fleece instead of traditional bedding so you can just stick it in the laundry and its not as gross.
  4. They love to dig so get fabric scraps and tunnels for them to play in.
  5. You need to play with them EVERY day for at least 30 minutes so they don’t get sad.
  6. They go through periods called quilling where they lose their baby quills and their skin is irritated. Hannibal is finishing this right now and he has been very grumpy for the last few weeks. Do not be surprised by bald spots.
  7. Their skin is dry and they are very sensitive to water and can easily drown. Only give a full bath once a month and put coconut oil on them to moisturize.
  8. They do not see very well and rely on scent a lot. Make sure your hands do not smell like food or you will get bit.


I don’t want this to discourage you from having a hedgehog as a pet because they really are the best and very loving. This seems like a lot but when you get in the habit it really isn’t.  All of this work and weird stuff that these amazing creatures do is worth it.


If you already have one let me know if I missed something or if you have had different experiences.

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Outfit of the Week: Bubblegum Zombies


It is one week closer to Halloween! Every day I have been getting more excited for my favorite holiday.

I usually stay away from bright colors, especially pink, but I could not resist this dress by Iron Fist. I always love their gory designs whether it is shoes, shirts or dresses but this one is one of my favorites. I am definitely a fan of showing plenty of skin and this dress does that very well. The top is low cut but the rounded neckline makes cute rather than too risqué, also I have learned that it is easier to wear a short dress if the bottom is fitted than if it is flared because even though it looks sexier and more revealing you have less chance of showing more than you want since wind and movement will not make the skirt float up. This is why I love body con dresses, sexy but keeps you covered where you want it.



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Top 10 Favorite Lipsticks

IMG_0733I absolutely love makeup and use every opportunity possible to spend an hour dong my makeup. My favorite part is definitely lipstick. I am one of those people that can only do one or two different eye looks, basically just with or without cat eyeliner, so I have dozens of lipsticks in every finish and color possible to compensate for my lack of talent with eyeshadow. Out of my countless lipsticks I have narrowed down to my ten favorite to share with you.

10.”Heroine” Urban Decay

I usually prefer liquid lipsticks over regular lipsticks but I really love the Urban Decay Vice ones because there are so many colors and they feel amazing. Heroine is by far my favorite shade out of the like 100 that they have. Blue is not a very easy color to find especially this matte navy kind of color, I think usually it is really dark or obnoxious and bright.


9. “Embellishment” NYX Lingerie

The lingerie collection is mostly nudes but of course I found the one odd color. Usually light purple lippies make me look yellow and sickly but this one is very pretty even on my vampire white complexion. It doesn’t dry out like a lot of super matte lipsticks, it feels creamy and comfortable.


8. “Mugshot” Colourpop

Colourpop is great because they have high quality products that are similarly priced to drugstore brands or cheaper. I Have tried almost all of the different finishes of lipsticks by them and metallic is definitely one of my favorites. Mugshot is a beautiful rusty red, I am obsessed.


7. “Watermelon Soda” Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Summer 2016 Collection

I got this last summer and it is a very odd color for me, I don’t really go for pinks, but for some reason I wore this for like a month straight last year and it was in my rotation all summer this year. Jeffree Star is my overall favorite place to get lipsticks and I am so obsessed that I ordered the new nudes mini collection like 15 minutes after it launched.


6. “Siren’s Jewel” Wet n’ Wild – Midnight Mermaid Collection

This is my first green lipstick and now I want a whole collection of green. I’m not that familiar with wet n wild products but I really love the midnight mermaid lipsticks.


5. “Kapow” Colourpop

Another Colourpop lipstick I love is a Matte grayish mauvey kind of color. I wear grey lipstick more than any other color. I have used this one so much that the logo has rubbed off of the side. I just love this.


4. “Chill Zone” Smashbox

My all time favorite grey is by smashbox. I have so many other shades but this is definitely the best in my opinion. Smashbox makes such amazing matte lipsticks that I would probably wear them every day if they had more super unique colors. (I apologize that the lip photo has pink around my mouth for this color but this was the last swatch I photographed and my mouth was super red and sore.)


3. “Unicorn Blood” Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Unicorn blood is a similar color to Mugshot (#8) but is is matte rather than metallic. It is a great rust color and it smells like rootbeer which is amazing.


2. “Witches” Kat Von D

I am not a huge fan of Kat Von D products but I do really like this black. It doesn’t really have blue or red tone like most others do and I love that. This is one of those colors that I keep in my purse and use constantly.


1.” Bawse” Smashbox

My number one favorite lipstick of all time is the perfect red. I have to actively convince myself not to wear this with every single Outfit of the Day post because I love it so much. If I had to pick one lipstick to wear for the rest of my life it would be this one.


Those were my top 10 favorite lipsticks of all time.

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Outfit of the Week: Creep Show


It is finally October and I hope you are ready for some amazingly creepy outfits this month because I am so excited. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I celebrate all month long. My First OOTW of October is not super weird or obviously festive for me but it may be for someone that doesn’t dress like every day is Halloween.


My creep show t-shirt is from The Local Boogeyman. They are an amazing clothing company based out of California that recently opened their first storefront (yay!!) in Los Angeles. They also do a lot of work with Rob Zombie (Zomboogey) that results in some great designs.

I am so obsessed with Boogeyman shirts that I steal them out of my husband’s collection to add to my own. Definitely going to plan a trip to LA so that we can visit the store.


Outfit Links:

T-shirt: Local Boogeyman

Skirt: H&M

Lipstick: “Mugshot” Colourpop


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Obsessions of the Month: September

I don’t know about you but when I read blogs or watch youtube videos my favorites are hauls and monthly favorites. I’m not sure if it is the slightly creepy peak into other people’s lives or the temporary shopping fix but I can spend all day finding out what products other people love. Today I decided to share my own. These are things that I have recently purchased or used a lot throughout the month.

  1. MILK Makeup- Matcha Cleanser and Toner FullSizeRender-2

These are not really that new but I just purchased them at the beginning of the month when I ran out of my usual cleanser, I like to switch it up so my skin doesn’t get too used to a product but I may stick to these for a while. I use these every day to keep my skin from getting too oily and I have noticed a lot fewer breakouts since I added these to my routine. A lot of people ignore this brand because of how gimmicky some of the products are but this duo is definitely worth trying.

 2. Home Scents by Chesapeake Bay Candles- Hinoki Bonsai


I am obsessed with candles but lately I have been lighting a lot of more masculine scented ones and this is by far my favorite. It smells like walking through a forest with a man wearing the best cologne ever. I have gone through one every week this month and I’m not ashamed.

3. The Betsy Taylor Series by Mary Janice Davidson


I have read 12 books out of the 14 book series in a month. This series is technically categorized with those old lady romance novels that you find at your grandma’s house and immediately are grossed out by, but these are about vampires. I won’t spoil anything but it follows the undead life of Betsy Taylor and all of the messed up stuff that happens to her. I will say that the first 6 are the best and it just goes downhill from there, and not just because they changed the cover art. It seems forced but that didn’t stop me from reading. I recommend the first 6 and if you want to continue, the rest are okay.

4. Disney Store- 3 Peas-in-a-Pod PlushIMG_0562

I have a ridiculously large collection of stuffed animals and plushies for an adult. My most recent addition is the adorable pea pod from Toy Story 3. The individual peas do come out of the pod and they are so soft that I just want to cuddle them.

5. IKEA- Stunsig Duvet cover


I am one of those people that is always cold so I keep blankets everywhere. I put this duvet cover on a Twin sized blanket (big enough to cover up head to toe) and currently use it for my tv watching blanket. It isn’t really soft but the design is so adorable.

Let me know if you have any of these and what you think of my list.

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Outfit of the Week: Docs and Zombies


I am all about comfort, obviously, and the fewer pieces I have to put together to make an interesting look, the more comfortable it probably is. This week’s OOTD is perfect for just throwing on and running out the door (to kill some zombies). It doesn’t need layering pieces, a belt, or a lot of jewelry, so it is great for when I am running late in the morning or before a show.

I have a few pairs of Dr Martens but these are my favorite. The color is so unique and goes with just about everything. I even included them in my Fall Capsule Wardrobe. I would wear them every day if I could.

The leggings are obnoxiously old, I should probably throw them out, but Hot Topic still sells them along with an enormous amount of other Walking Dead clothing. Visiting the Hot Topic website was like traveling back in time to Highschool and I’m not sure if I could shop there again but I saw some cute things during my brief visit.

My dress was purchased during a recent visit to the Mall of America from Forever 21. I think they have a great plus size section and I was happily surprised to find 0X on the racks. I also ONLY shop in the downstairs/basement sections that they seem to try to hide from their typical customers. I always look through the Festival clothing, mens, and weird red and black mesh and leather area.



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